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Fri, 22 Nov 96 09:35:27 PST

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I had pretty much given up all hope of ever finding a decent "This Day in
History" site when I accidentally stumbled across the "Historic Events and
Birthdays" page at

This page is updated daily (obviously) and is absolutely AMAZING! The
amount of information on this page is immense, and, best of all, the
information on this page really is international in its scope (something
that all of our non-US TOURBUS riders are sure to appreciate).

Each daily "Historic Events and Birthdays" page has eight major sections:

1. BIRTHDAYS. This is pretty self-explanatory. :)

2. DEATHS. Actually, this is the only part of the page that I
would improve on. The information here is kind of sparse.

3. REPORTED: MISSING IN ACTION. The only "jingoistic" part of
the "Historic Events and Birthdays" page, this section lists
the names and hometowns of American soldiers in southeast Asia
who were reported missing on this day.

4. ON THIS DAY. This section focuses more on "modern" events,
but it does include religious events back to the third century
(i.e., "235 St. Anterus begins his reign as Catholic Pope").

5. HOLIDAYS. Descriptions of that day's various state holidays
around the world.

6. RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCES. List of the churches (i.e., "Anglican,
Roman Catholic") and their religious events taking place that



Also check out
for any day in history.


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