Datalytics' xSpeed blazes through Web pages

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Mon, 25 Nov 1996 14:07:55 -0500

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Datalytics' xSpeed blazes through Web pages=20

By Lynda Radosevich=20
InfoWorld Electric=20

Posted at 4:55 PM PT, Nov 22, 1996=20
A couple of new products should help take the wait out of the World Wide

Datalytics plans to announce next month at Internet World in New York a
Web acceleration software package called BlazeWeb Performance Pack.
BlazeWeb uses an acceleration scheme called xSpeed, which has four main
components that combine to improve Web performance by an average factor
of five, said Jeff Maier, Datalytics president.=20

=95Standard compression technology that resides on the browser and server
compresses only Web page files to benefit performance by reducing

=95Intelligent caching on the browser learns the pages a user accesses
most and keeps them handy.=20

=95A feature that anticipates links a user could follow on a given Web
page begins pre-loading those pages before the user clicks on the links.=20

=95Page-streaming HTTP loads an entire Web page all in one shot rather
than in intermittent connections.

Datalytics plans to provide xSpeed server software for free to Netscape,
Microsoft, and others to include in their Internet server software, said

In the meantime, Webmasters can download the server software for free
beginning Dec. 16 for the Windows NT platform, and Jan. 15 for other
platforms, from the Datalytics Web site at

The client software will be part of the BlazeWeb Performance Pack, which
will include Web searching and organizing software. It will run with
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and Netscape Navigator 2.x and 3.x for
Windows 95 and NT 4.0 platforms.=20

If December is too long to wait, impatient surfers can try NetJet
acceleration software from Peak Technologies. NetJet, which uses
intelligent caching and pre-loading to improve Web performance, is now
available in final form.=20

Datalytics Inc. is based in Dayton, Ohio, and can be reached at (937)

Peak Technologies, Inc. is based in Bellingham, Wash., and can be
reached at (360) 733-6010 or