Re: Round the World in Eight Days (or so)

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 21:12:35 +0100

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Personally, I've heard enough FF
horror stories that I completely understand the charm wears off quickly --
I'd like to just cram it all into 1996 and close the book on the whole
episode. I'm a hyperacheiver, so it's possible I could have the shortest
zero-to-ff-burnout ever, too :-)

As for June 15, I'm glad we have you on board as the FoRKmaster of Useful
Facts. I, of course, am the master of Useless Facts, which in the absurdity
of the FoRK universe may or may not be more powerful :-)

Since I wasn't planning on being in Boston for this day anyhow, I don't
know what I'm going to do. I'll probably invite John Jameson and Mr. Walker
out to see Picard...