Re: TLD buisiness?

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 21:36:25 +0100

> .1
> .3 (kbig.104.3)
> .4

I remember somewhere that numbers and single-letter tlds were verboten in
the specs.

This is a pretty quirky and fun venture. In fact, tomorrow is the deadline
for MIT's $1K Business Idea Contest, where all you need is a provocative
idea. Whoever owns .inc , .ag, and .kk will win big, for example.

Nym Inc would also provide one-stop shopping for a company trying to search
out all reasonable places to have a name and would fight all legal battles
for you for a fee. It would cope with extorters and maintain its own public
image for fairly deciding battles.

Heck, you could even allocate .name and then recreate your own second level
domains: .com, .mil. .edu... :-)


PS. I'm certain Tim Byars has a great list of equally lucrative salacious
TLDs :-)