Archetypes encore...

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 18:52:47 -0500

It is common for a discipline, especially one that is just getting its wi=
about itself, to adopt some shared, well-defined problems for teaching an=
study. Often known as model systems or type problems, they provide a way =
compare methods and results, work out new techniques on standard examples=
and set a minimum standard of capability for new participants. In time, a
reasonable approach to some of these problems becomes the price of
admission to get serious consideration of a new technique. Model problems
also provide a pre-debugged source of educational exercises.

Biology, for example, has

=95Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit fly)
=95Rattus rattus Norwegicus (the lab rat)
=95Escherichia coli (the digestive bacterium)