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duck (duck@cci-29palms.com)
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 07:21:01 -0800

>The only problem is that I don't think the public
>has been properly 'socialized' to accept these yet.
>I would bet if you try telling a non webmaster a web page
>that doesn't start with 'www' or end with a 'com'
>the reaction would be:
> "I didn't know you could do that!"

If you don't mind an opinion from the amateur user-end of the equation, i
think the time to do it is before they expect it. If you wait until the
public is socialized to it, that means you missed the boat. The future has
always belonged, and always will belong, to the innovators, not the
copycats. To be perfectly honest, i DIDN'T know you could do that. Which,
as a potential customer, denotes interest on my part, rather than incredulity.

I say do it, do it now, and do it big.


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