Re: Maybe Rohit should be a lawyer?

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>Date: Tue, 26 Nov 96 13:10:17 -0800
>Subject: (fwd) Never piss off a lawyer
>[Note: the author apparently just passed the bar in his state...
> important to know for the context of the story.]
>A quick narrative. I always wanted a hopped up muscle car when I was
>younger. I couldn't afford one. Now I can, and I have one. It is a '70
>Mustang, and her name is Bessie. Bessie is the prototypical juvenile,
>male-caveman, scratch your crotch and drink cheap beer car. Chromed
>engine, dual exhaust, 250 horsepower, big tires, tra la la la.
>The cop called his Lieutenant, and after the cop told the story, he
>authorized the summonses.
>She went home with $215.00 worth of traffic tickets, and they are worth a
>total of four points against her license, as well as the appropriate
>insurance surcharge!
>Of course, if she demands a trial I won't prosecute. But the look on her
>face as she walked away was more than enough satisfaction for me.
>Yeah, I've passed the bar, and I'm on a mission from God.



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