Happy terrific fun hour.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 29 Nov 96 07:30:16 PST

I recently reviewed the FAQ of voxers-at-large, Tim, and it looks
like they changed their "forwarding" policy a little.

Now you ARE allowed to forward voxers-at-large posts, as long as
you get permission from the original authors. So this isn't as
draconian as FoRK originally surmised (link to past FoRKpost omitted
because author of this note is a bonehead). Actually, I have no
problem with this policy at all.

Forwarded FAQ:
> From owner-VOXERS-AT-LARGE@usa.net Fri Nov 29 07:04:27 1996
> Subject: You are now subscribed to the VOXERS-AT-LARGE list
> To: I Find Karma <adam@cs.caltech.edu>
> Reply-To: VOXERS-AT-LARGE-Request@usa.net
> Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:04:20
> Your subscription to the VOXERS-AT-LARGE list (Voxers At Large) has been
> accepted.
> jbay has mercifully shortened this message for you.
> If you need help with listserv, send mail to listserv@usa.net with the
> words "HELP ME OH GOD HELP HELP HELP" written in green crayon (DARK green
> crayon; not that lame lime-green crap) and the server will probably send
> you some instructions on how to straighten out your miserable little
> existance. If not, you can send me mail: jbay@interport.net and IF I'm in
> a good mood, I'll help. Please note that I'm in a good mood approximately
> once every 16 months.
> Do not use scented crayons. Driver is allergic.
> To post to the list, send your mail to "voxers-at-large@usa.net". If
> that's too long an address for your feeble little fingers to peck out,
> look up "aliases" in your mailer-of-choice. Subscription change requests,
> etc., go to "listserv@usa.net". Nothing currently goes to
> "majordomo@io.com"; that's the OLD address of this list.
> Leave the list by sending a "SIGNOFF VOXERS-AT-LARGE" command to
> Note that sometimes there are NO POSTS AT ALL to the list for DAYS on
> END. This does not automatically mean the list is broken. Instead of
> sending inane "is this thing on?!" messages to the list, send the command
> "thanks" to to listserv@usa.net. If the software is awake, it'll send you
> a cute response. Real cute. At any rate, depending on how screwed the net
> is & and how much the mailhosts are doing the Maytag Macarena trying to
> process mail, it can take seconds or hours to process a post. Please be
> patient.
> ObCDA bit: Please note that VAL is an open forum & no topic is considered
> off-limits. If your federal, state, or local government has some say in
> what you are or are not allowed to read, this list is probably not for
> you, and you participate at your own risk. Neither the list owner,
> USA.NET, nor any of its employees exercise editorial control or
> censorship of material appearing on this list. We do, however, reserve
> the right to gag intolerable boobs when a majority of the list-members
> request it or the list-owner is particularly cranky.
> Please note that if you are a minor, you are FORBIDDEN to join
> Voxers-at-Large, and if we catch you we'll spenk you viciously and then
> send you to bed without dinner. Unsubscribe now or face a wicked
> paddling.
> Having said that, here are the VAL-Rules:
> RULE #1:
> If you came to VAL to bitch about mindvox, the BBS, you've come to the
> wrong place. Most of us have Let Go of our Bitterness and are REALLY
> REALLY REALLY tired of hearing about how mindvox management are a bunch
> of incompetent boobs, etc....if you're still on MindVox, they have
> several excellent fora available for bitching about the service. If you
> came to VAL to experience MindVox without paying the $10 or $25 a month
> they charge, you likewise came to the wrong place. Please clip and save
> this simple diagram:
> Voxers-At-Large MindVox, the BBS
> See? It's simple.
> RULE #2:
> It is requested that you not forward anything OFF VAL unless you first
> obtain the permission of the original poster(s). Likewise, it's requested
> that anything you forward -to- VAL is properly attributed with the name
> of the author, a URL, etc. Failure to do so will cause you to be
> subjected to ridicule. Especially if you're Austrian.
> RULE #3:
> Flame not, lest ye be flamed. But if you like being flamed, like, flame
> on.
> RULE #4:
> People from Austria are automatically subject to more ridicule than
> subscribers from civilized countries. It's a rule.
> RULE #5:
> No asking about cheeses of the world. Discussion of trombones is
> forbidden.
> RULE #6:
> There was a rule number 6, but someone distracted me, so now I've
> forgotten. Just don't break it. Actually, rule number 5 was two rules, so
> make rule number 6 the same as rule #5B.
> RULE #7:
> Don't set looping-forwards up on your mail, because the listowner will
> immediately reveal you for the doofus you are to the entire list, and
> won't let you live it down for 6 or 8 weeks, depending on how bored he
> is. Rule 7A is please only subscribe DIRECTLY from the ADDRESS you want
> to READ the LIST ON because when your mail is forwarded 9 times and then
> begins bouncing, the listowner goes into a homicidal rage and breaks
> things.
> You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to confirm the receipt of
> messages you send to the list. If you do not trust the system, send a
> "SET VOXERS-AT-LARGE REPRO" command and LISTSERV will send you a copy of
> your own messages, so that you can see that the message was distributed
> and did not get damaged on the way. After a while you may find that this
> is getting annoying, especially if your mail program does not tell you
> that the message is from you when it informs you that new mail has
> arrived from VOXERS-AT-LARGE. If you send a "SET VOXERS-AT-LARGE ACK
> NOREPRO" command, LISTSERV will mail you a short acknowledgement instead,
> which will look different in your mailbox directory. With most mail
> programs you will know immediately that this is an acknowledgement you
> can read later. Finally, you can turn off acknowledgements completely
> Following instructions from the list owner, your subscription options
> have been set to "REPRO" rather than the usual LISTSERV defaults. For
> more information about subscription options, send a "QUERY
> Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can get a
> list of the available archive files by sending an "INDEX VOXERS-AT-LARGE"
> command to LISTSERV@USA.NET. You can then order these files with a "GET
> VOXERS-AT-LARGE LOGxxxx" command, or using LISTSERV's database search
> facilities. Send an "INFO DATABASE" command for more information on the
> latter.
> IMPORTANT: This list is confidential. You should not publicly mention its
> existence, or forward copies of information you have obtained from it to
> third parties. Please note that the "GIVE" command is automatically
> disabled for all archive files.
> More information on LISTSERV commands can be found in the LISTSERV
> reference card, which you can retrieve by sending an "INFO REFCARD"
> command to LISTSERV@USA.NET.