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CobraBoy (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 13:36:32 -0800

At 06:47 PM 12/2/96 +0100, Robert Harley wrote:
>>Subject: 2 nice girls looking for a DSP
>Stephanie Dithurbide <> wrote:
>>Hello everybody,
>>my friend and me are looking for a DSP to realize our project.
>>We are searching a DSP whose characteristics are the following:
>>We want to realize a sound generator for an audiometer.
>>About the input:
>> .it has to receive informations from the PC parallel port.
>>About the output:
>> .it needs 2*16 bits on a parallel port with a frequency of 44 kHz.
>> .it also needs 8 output bits (parallel or series) to control a
>> logarithmic amplificator with a programable gain.
>> .it needs 3 outputs for independant trigger.

umm... again I hate to say it, but NeXT cube circa 1987.

P.S. over the weekend I found my original in pristine condition NeXT
broshure the squae one that is the same size as the Cube.




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