All Drudged Up and Nowhere To Go

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 00:34:52 -0800

So tonight was Yo-Yo night at the Pacific Symphony Orchestra Classical Raves.
Peyman & me mugging for the cameras with our sleepers :-)
Now I'm all spiffed up and responding to email. Too late even to hit a bar.

Random musings:

The contents of my fridge: four liters of diet coke, five bottles of Spaten
beer from Munich, four Swiss truffles, and three slices of American cheese. I
love my life. Don't know why I'm saving the truffles. Not like someone's going
to pop up before the 14th with a claim check...

Posting volume for January:
523 posts so far -- ridiculous pace....

Bolcer: 1 screen full (a new overposter!)
RobH: quarter
Dawson: quarter
Barrers: .5
Rohit: 1.5
Adam: .97 (but he's been inflating the numbers by sending to -archive only)
Cobraboy: *** 2.5 **** (muzzles?)

Re: Drudge's Presidential Seal-ant. If Cyberspace is where you are when you're
on the phone, what corner of town were Bill'n'Dick in?

Re: Wallace. Call me a softie, but I'm willing to cut humanity a slack. Adam
says that's because I don't know very many humans, so I still have faith in
the abstract concept. What Keith says may be true, but I forgive him because
Spamford is only expoliting loopholes I, as an economist, believe *someone*
has to exploit before corrective action can be taken. It's not a law of
civilization he broke; email's charging model made it inevitable. Besides,
even if he quit for base motives about being beaten up, I respect pragmatism

Re: desiparties. Anyone else in LA doin' nothin' better on V-Day?

Saturay Feb 14th at the Hollywood Palace in Los Angeles, get ready to
experience the sounds of Hollywood like never before. This is an event for
all to experience!

Date: Feb 14th. 1998
Time: 9:00 pm till 3 am
Place: Hollywood Palace on vine st
what: Valentine Extravanegza
how much: $12 bucks

DJs: Dj Valentine, Dj Puff Puff, Dj Extreme, and local Radio Djs NOTE: this is
event is only for the head strong so please bring you IDs ( college ids will
not be taken, must be 18 and over)

This is an event for all the Desi, Indians, Pakistanis, Punjabis, South
Indians, Persians, Africans, Players, Mexicans, Latinos, and all creeds and
walks of life!