RE: Grammar Flame [RE: Internet World LA]

Jim Whitehead (
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 17:46:42 -0800

Well, it does appear that I am guilty as charged for not using "me", the
objective form of "I" in this case.

However, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

On Feb. 4, you wrote:

> PS. Thanks anyway for balancing out Adam's music notes. He's a great
> guy, but he sure listens to a lot of suck music...

Ignoring the use of ellipses instead of the customary period at the end of
the last sentence, I note that "suck" is used here as an adjective, despite
being firmly ensconced in the rolls of English nouns. However, this could
merely be a typo, so let me show another example.

On Feb. 3, you wrote:

> I'm curious... how many UNIXes should one support if one wants to deliver
> on cross-platform compatibility? And which ones? Solaris, Linux, ???

This paragraph demonstrates several grammatical errors. First, I note that
the last five words are, like the emperor wearing his new clothes,
masquerading as two sentences without the common decency of even a single
verb. Second, I note the improper terminating punctuation of the last
sentence, a comma followed by three question marks. Finally, I bring
attention to the use of ellipses instead of a comma in the first sentence.

While you can argue that some of these grammatical deviations are stylistic
conventions, I suspect I have made my point that neither of us write
perfect English sentences all the time. It appears we have two choices.
We can either continue this battle of the nerdy grammarians until we have
reached a paranoid and lonely state of grammatical perfection, or we can
call a truce.

I prefer a truce.

- Jim

On Friday, February 06, 1998 3:55 PM, Joe Barrera
[] wrote:
> That should be, "Send Rohit or *me* an email if you're interested."
> - The Grammar Police
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> It looks like Rohit and I will be going up to Internet World in LA
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> Friday, March 13, to be followed by dinner and techno. Send Rohit
> or I an
> email if you're interested.
> - Jim