RE: Grammar Flame [RE: Internet World LA]

Joe Barrera (
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 19:16:38 -0800

> From: Jim Whitehead []

> Well, it does appear that I am guilty as charged for not using "me", the
> objective form of "I" in this case.

Off with his head!

> However, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

** Thwack **

> [ boring grammatical discussion deleted ]

> While you can argue that some of these grammatical deviations are
> conventions,

No, they are *all* stylistic conventions. You're not implying that I make
mistakes, are you?

> I suspect I have made my point that neither of us write
> perfect English sentences all the time.

That should be, "neither of us *writes* ..."

> It appears we have two choices.
> We can either continue this battle of the nerdy grammarians until we have
> reached a paranoid and lonely state of grammatical perfection, or we can
> call a truce.

Third option: escalate from battle to full fledged, mailing-list-destroying
flame war.

> I prefer a truce.

Of course you do. Make it unconditional surrender on your part, and it's a

- Joe :-)