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Jim Whitehead (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 11:34:48 -0800

On Monday, February 09, 1998 10:16 AM, Jay Thomas
[] wrote:
> CobraBoy wrote:
> > 65% of the 407 adults
> > questioned said Clinton should not be impeached even if allegations
> > he lied under oath [snip] were true.
> <Soapbox>
> I find it pretty sad that no one cares about the fact that our country
> is run by a lying theiving amoral weasel and her equally appalling
> husband. "Hey, I have a job, my stocks are up, interest rates are
> stable. Who cares that the laws of the land are casually usurped every
> day by the supreme lawmaker, that we can't trust our leader?" Pretty
> pitiful that most people seem to believe that he *did* what he's
> accused of, but just don't care because the economy is good.
> </Soapbox> Feh.

As the collective consciousness of the American people rises over decades
of political scandal, it is natural they evolve strategies for reacting to
it. The average American is not as dumb as the media wishes they were, and
has not been fooled by the recent reporting. There is as yet no smoking
gun, no egregious breaking of laws. Americans recall the high cost of
ousting a President, the long shadow it cast. From available evidence, the
American people have decided the President's actions are not worth the cost
of a failed Presidency. Clinton's approval ratings are a vote for the
status quo, the only voice the people have in this battle between the
media, the White House, and the Independent Counsel.

- Jim