The QUasit hits you with a quart of oil! You have a normal feeling for a moment....

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 03:39:26 -0600

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I know all, I see all, I have trouble expressing it in VHDL because my
IIOB chakras are not aligned. I am however responsible for the
Objective Cobol kernel compatibility model, which guarantees the
crashability of legacy machines on exactly the moment when the Age of
Aquarius turns transactions into palpable smeg. Mechanism follows:

A transaction to generate millenial compounding interest is generated.
This heats up 100 year old dust from steam powered glockenspiel which
has gravitated back to the most contraptionlike objects available.
The glockenspiel API comes up.
It hasn't been debugged, so thanks to Cobol narf increment increment, it
locks up.
Steam glockenspiel boiler API explodes due to lockup.
Millenial retribution is made for glockenspiel safety valve design, but
on the current hardware; when a cache hit occurs, the circuit boards
will bleed the SRAM out of the pin-gimbal valve on the top of the

I don't think that's good enough to post on the group.

Frequency of orgasm: .3.5E-30 (spin)
...can't say much for the rest in that vein, although I imagine that
yes, marijuana would 'help.' We'll just throw legalizing it in with the
other IP object infrastructure unification projects. "no problem."