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Unfortunately, it's not quite a meta-site index which returns hits from
all 21 geek sites; you have to pick one from a popup. Soon, though, I

The search results screen is really well-designed and visually
appealing, by the way.


"If the search engine is only for W3C Members, the public will have to
build its own, eh?"

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The search engine for the people who build the web.

devSEARCH philosophy
We created devSEARCH because one day we were looking for a bit of
information and we couldn't find it. It's a simple as that. We
were at the w3c website and just couldn't find the one little
item we needed to complete one of our tutorials. We knew it had
to be there ... we just couldn't hunt it down. At that moment we
realized we needed an easy way to search the sites that we, as
web page builders, used. And we figured that if we needed a
specialized search like this, it was a safe bet that others
needed it as well. The idea that was to become devSEARCH was

Setting up a search engine wasn't very difficult; we already had
one running so that people could search our own site. We needed
to expand upon what we'd already done. We whipped up a fancier
interface, tweaked it a bit, indexed additional sites, and made
it public as a link from our Developer Zone. Then we listened to
what people had to say about it. We tweaked it some more, added
some other sites and the result is the devSEARCH you see here

Our goal was to make it easy to find information about building
for the web. It didn't make sense to have fancy query strings to
memorize; instead we went with a basic text window that would
allow multiple phrases separated by commas. The more phrases you
enter, the more accurate the search.

Then we took it one step further. Most of the time we had a good
idea about which site contained the information we needed. We
made it possible to search a specific site as well as all indexed
sites. For example, if you're looking for spec information, you
can look at the W3C site and focus your search there.

Welcome to devSEARCH. We hope you find it as useful as we do. If
you have suggestions for improvement or sites you feel should be
indexed please send email to


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