Re: Tempest in reverse: amplifying radiated signals through *SW*

David Crook (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 14:45:10 -0800

Sure, I'll even give an example.

One of the jobs that a real operating system is supposed to do is to
keep the memory being used process A seperate from the memory being used
by process B. Now its fine if these are sharing a read only code
segment, but read/write data segments should be seperate. Now I had a
program running that was generating a log file of what it was doing,
while I simultaniously was using communicator to write some email
(ironically enough it was something I sent here I think). I was a might
bit suprised to find a chunk of the email that I had just written
showing up in totally unrelated log file. THAT is something that a real
memory protected multitasking operating system shouldn't allow.

Dave "Happy to oblige ya, Joe." Crook

Joe Barrera wrote:
> Since you're the expert on NT, could you explain to the rest of us why NT is
> not really a "memory protected multitasking operating system"?
> - Joe