Re: First Tempest, then the Tempest LICENSING AUTHORITIES! Aiee!

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:27:36 -0600

Rohit Khare wrote:

> Astounding! Aside from the improbable-sounding origin myth (but I AM
> prepared to believe it), it's really dumbfounding to realize how much
> physics us software people are oblivious to.

I'm not so sure; I had great fun by walking through more than one MIS departments
with street people holding pink paper mutering: "Winderrrrs! Ah kin smelllll the
evil. Somebody's got no command line!
Who is it, allocated their hardware to MicroGriftage?! Ah kin smell it

...well, maybe not street people, but usually someone wanted -them- gone anyhow.
Quite often for a proof-by-assertion principle.
I think the whole American Indian Casino thing is 'natural monopoly' in this manner
too; no matter what Azahoth or Gabriel did you recently, the Great Spirit would of
course know when (and only when) you need money more than your dealer does. I'll
put it in
PDF as soon as Adobe Oversight says it's so.

Blasting license numbers onto a frame of video for identiying CAD stations has been
done, too...and those were really HEAVY cases back when XWindows ran on 16k.
There were many, many 'patches of death' then, and some very bad 'power line data
interfaces' too. How bad? Elevators reverse from the phase distortion! Any
engineer could simply remove the relay-and-hot-capacitors part if it didn't fail

So what of Tempest? I think the breach must be from that acrid fractal water they
get off the British coast, because of the bogus relations that sometimes emanate
therefrom in less-than-perfect jargon. Should've ended with indeterminate object
therefrom. In any case, the poorly monitored compliance (e.g. ignoring NOT in the
specification or announcements) can crank out a lot of 'evidence' in the manner that
markets can suddenly drive technology. None of this should be shocking, because
it's...dialectic. Agh!