Keren Anat says 'hi'

Ron Resnick (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:51:02 -0500

Hello All,

Riva, Daniel Asher, Noam Eyal and I are very happy to announce to
all our friends and relatives the latest addition to our family.

Keren Anat Resnick was born at approx. 9:30 yesterday morning - Monday,
Feb 9th - in Recife, Brazil. She weighed in at about 3.2 kg (just
a touch over 7 lb). Unlike dark-haired Daniel and blonde Noam, Keren
seems to have taken a middle ground between the two.
The ages, for those keeping score,
are Daniel 5yrs, Noam just shy of 2, and Keren aged 1 day.

Needless to say, we are all ecstatic. Daniel & Noam now have a little
sister to nurture, protect and tyrannize, as only big brothers can :-).
Dad (that's me) finally gets his wish; a daughter to buy all those
frilly laced dresses for. Riva is simply relieved not to have to deal
with another brit (ritual circumsion). All of us think Keren is just
gorgeous, naturally :-).

Riva is recovering well - she'll be in hospital for another couple of days,
then come 'home' - i.e. her mother's house here in Brazil.
She's really enjoying having the support of all her extended family
around her here in Recife. We'll all stay here for the next few weeks.

Then, it's back to 'real life', at least as presently defined for our
family of five. For those of you not up-to-date on our latest
status, here's a quick summary:

We now make our home in Haifa, Israel, where we've lived for the last year
or so. Riva and the kids will be going straight back there in about a
month, when Keren is ready to travel. I recently joined a young
software company named DiaLogos ( based in
Cincinnati Ohio, meaning I spend considerable time 'commuting' from
Israel to the US. So I'll be going from Brazil back to the US for a while,
before tagging up with Riva and the kids in Israel later on in

We're taking lots of pictures - at some point I'll have to scan some and
post them on our website, so stale it still bosts 2 year old pictures
of 'newborn' Noam. ( for those that
want to check anyway). Preferred email contact remains

Best Regards,

Riva, Ron, Daniel, Noam and Keren Resnick

(PS - Apologies to those on a channel usually reserved for technical
postings only - I used dist-obj as a shortcut for addressing a lot of
friends very quickly.)