RE: Tempest in reverse: amplifying radiated signals through

John Boyer (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 08:31:36 -0600

>>Since you're the expert on NT, could you explain to the rest of us why NT is
>>not really a "memory protected multitasking operating system"?
[Rob Harley]
>Well it does multitask, as long as you are prepared to wait half an
>hour or so for a context switch. Which would be why NTers make a
>clamour about multithreading.

Hey! Don't try to confuse me with the facts. NT is/will succeed because it
turns a rickety OS into a 'serious' desktop. It has more momentum now than
Unix ever had. In spite of all of the technical nits that we all love to
pick. It is because of perception. Perception is Reality!
Not much of a defense I know. But just hide and watch what the market does.


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