Cyberposium, Boston, Feb 20-21

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:11:58 -0800

Dammit, this is the kind fo thing that makes me miss being in Boston... The
Harvard brand really does pull in some excellent connections. The crack about was at the similar event in 1996. Now, it's even more organized,
parties and all...

LA is many things, but no form of siliconia.


PS. Whatta white male bunch of ceos... though a proimisng number of female
speakers, really. Just the minority participation that drops out as the field
gets more assertive.

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Subject: Register by tommorrow for a great High Tech Conference at HBS

To members of the Harvard Law School Journal on Law & Technology:

Don't miss your chance to attend... a great technology conference at the
Business School. Tickets are selling fast and we want to make sure that
Law school students who are interested get a chance to buy tickets before
it sells out.=20

Save $10!!! Register by tomorrow, Monday Feb 9th.

"The premier conference on technology and business"

C Y B E R P O S I U M 1 9 9 8 : T h e N e t E f f e c t


</color></underline> Friday & Saturday=20

February 20-21, 1998

@ the Harvard Business School

The conference has 14 panels, 3 Entrepreneurial workshops, (produced in
conjunction with the MIT & the Media Lab), 2 keynote speakers (Jerry Yang
of Yahoo! and Eric Hippeau, CEO/Chairman of Ziff-Davis) product
demonstrations and a career networking reception.=20

Tickets for the conference include admission to both Friday's and
Saturday's program, lunch, and party Saturday night, plus t-shirts,
goodie bag, etc.=20

Register on-line with your credit card (it's a secure site) at:


There are 70+ speakers in all with over 25 CEO's/Presidents.



</bold>Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo! =20

Eric Hippeau, Chairman & CEO, Ziff-Davis


</bold>John Perry Barlow, Founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Deborah Chrapaty, CIO, E*Trade

Chris Cooper, CEO,

K. Blake Darcy, CEO, DLJ Direct, Inc.

Nancy Evans, President, i-Village

Katherine Dillon, VP, ABC News Internet Ventures

Alan Fisher, President, OnSale

Ron Frankel, MGM Interactive

Tom Gardner, Founder, Motley Fool

Jim Griffin, CIO, Geffen Records

John Hagel, III, Author of Netgain, McKinsey & Co.

Scott Heiferman, CEO, i-traffic, inc.

Terrell Jones, CEO, Travelocity

Joe Liemandt, CEO, Trilogy

Jerry Michalski, Editor, Release 1.0

Vinny Mirchandani, Gartner Group

Walid Mougayer, President, CommerceNet Canada

Barry Nalls, AVP, GTE

Mark Nittler, Sr. VP, PeopleSoft

Robert Olson, Virtual Vineyards

Richard Rasmus, VP/GM, Comcast@ Home

David Schmeir, VP, Siebel Systems

Evan Schwartz, Author, Webonomics

Kirk Shelton, President, NetMarket

Russ Siegelman, Partner, Kleiner Perkins

Fred Singer, SVP, AOL Studios

Steve Snyder, CEO, NetPerceptions

Chan Suh, CEO,

Erik Steiner, Managing Director, NYSE

Nicholas Van den Berghe, CEO, LivePix

Peter Wagner, Accel Partners

<bold>PANELS on the following topics:

</bold>New Internet Business Best Practices

Winning High Tech Market Strategies through Growth and Acquistions

Venture Capital=20

Net Thinking and the New Economy


Digital Marketing: The Net changes everything?

Interactive Media=20

Digital Dollars


Globalization and Internationalization

Enterprise Software: The Backbone of the Company

Enabling Technologies

When Networks Collide

An online dialogue for each panel can be seen at the Cyberposium website: . In addition there
is a panel that might be of particular interest to law students -- on
intellectual property. Come on line and check it out!



</bold>=B7 McKinsey =B7 =B7 Yahoo! =B7 Cambridge Technology=
Partners =B7
Lycos =B7 Microsoft=09

=B7 Bank America Robertson Stephens =B7 Zoecom =B7 ThePalace =B7=
@rtsAlliance =B7
Fidelity =B7 Intranetics =B7 BackWeb =B7 ExpoReg =B7 Zefer =B7 i-Traffic =B7=
Central =B7 i-Village =B7 Mosaic =B7 Cyberplex =B7 MM&M =09


Also, this Thursday at 5:00pm renowned venture capitalist Ann Winblad of
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners will be featured on a live chat on the
web stie. She will be discussing the types of new internet and software
businesses she believes are viable and reveal in which areas her firm is
investing. Join the discussion online. =20

The whole conference program can be seen at the Cyberposium website: . If you want to attend, the organizers urge
students to buy tickets ASAP. Major advertising efforts on Yahoo, Lycos,
Excite and at other MBA programs begin this week.=20

If you have any questions you can contact one of the conference
co-chairs, Phil Terry ( or Jill Schaeffer

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Allison H. Mnookin

2 Soldiers Field Park, #307=20

Boston, MA 02163

(617) 493-8640 =20

Cyberposium, Director of Marketing

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The High Tech & New Media Club of Harvard Business School presents:

C y b e r p o s i u m 1 9 9 8 : T h e N e t E f f e c t

Join the debate...

Online conference starts January 19 at

Physical conference: Feb 20-21, 1998 Boston, MA

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