Re: devSEARCH, an engine for geeks

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:17:23 -0800

Au contraire, mon fielding --

> >
> >
> >Unfortunately, it's not quite a meta-site index which returns hits from
> >all 21 geek sites; you have to pick one from a popup. Soon, though, I
> >hope.

I got a note from Glenn Davis suggestig that I hadn't tried the megaSearch
service, which does hit multiple sites you tick off. [see below]

[I must say, Glenn is either a closet FoRKwatcher or a very fast egosurfer :-)]

> Feh! It's the second worthless site this week (after

Now, now, even has its upsides. Sure, it's a technologically top-heavy
piece of framed JavaCrypted crap -- it *consistently* crashes netscape -- they
do have e-fares now, so the weekend getaway fares are worth it. And, they're
giving away 1,000 bonus miles for online tix...

[Although not as dramatic as, say Northwest, which is offering $549 weekend
fares from Baltimore and Boston and Dallas and Detroit and Minneaoplis and New
York and Philadelphia and DC to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.]

> Your query "Fielding" matched 0 documents. 0 documents retrieved.

megaSEARCH yielded 145 hits. Including a ref to CSS2 WD -- what are you doing

> >The search results screen is really well-designed and visually
> >appealing, by the way.
> Ummm, is that a code phrase for "it sucks"?

Nah, it's a code word for reasonable. It still has some bugs, like an extra
two inches of whitespace inside a result, and it's not an "instant surfboard"

Now, monsieur bolcer, as for your outlandish claims:

> But of course, I also searched MS Sitebuilder and it listed
> myself as "WWW Security Maven", "HTTP/1.1 Author", and
> "WebDAV Chair". It's good to be the king.
> Greg

The only Web security maven known to AltaVista is moi. You can be the king of
FoRK -- after all, who can hold a candle to Tim! -- but you'll have a hard
time masquerading as Roy, Jim, and Rohit all at once (at elast now tihout a
very, very good, tanning foundation :-)



Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 22:44:12 -0800
From: Glenn Davis <>
Subject: devSEARCH

Thanks for your kind words re: devSEARCH.

The "search all indexed sites" option was removed from the dropdowns
because of a huge proportion of people doing silly searches for words like
"html" accross all indexed sites. This was causing the server to be a bit
sluggish on a heavy traffic period so i removed the possibility from the
main page.

However, from your comments, I'm betting you didn't try the megaSEARCH
feature that allows you to selectively choose multiple sites to search.

Glenn Davis
Project Cool, Inc.