Re: Hate Speech/ Hate Mail

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:51:45 -0800

What do we need a football team for? USC Trojans and LA Rams use
our fields as training grounds. Hey wait, didn't they move?
I never understood how the LA Rams could have their stadium
in Orange County anyways. Maybe we do need a football team.

Back on the subject of the olympics, they are building a huge
indoor natural snowboarding park with 4 runs and a ski slope
by the Anaheim stadium. I definitely want one.


> Greg,
> I think you make a mistake, that should read..
> "Our school is just as good as those other UC schools that are more
> famous just because they have a stupid football team" has an inferiority
> complex twice the size of theirs. At least thats what I think the name
> of our school was based on the comments of faculity and admin type
> people when I was there. I never figured out how "UCI" expanded out to
> the entire phrase. I heard of some city named "Irvine", but since all I
> saw was swamp land surrounding the campus when I was there, I just
> figured it just a myth.
> Dave