Re: devSEARCH, an engine for geeks

Roy T. Fielding (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:00:30 -0800

>Now, now, even has its upsides. Sure, it's a technologically top-heavy
>piece of framed JavaCrypted crap -- it *consistently* crashes netscape -- they
>do have e-fares now, so the weekend getaway fares are worth it. And, they're
>giving away 1,000 bonus miles for online tix...

That's why we tried it. I found the ticket info using the real
United Connection software's faresearch, and then used the web site to
pull up the same information, filled-out all the traveller junk, and then
had it respond with "You haven't filled-in all the fields!" even though
all the fields were indeed filled-out. We later called UAL and they
claimed it was a browser cache problem (pity it wasn't me on the phone).

>> Your query "Fielding" matched 0 documents. 0 documents retrieved.

I was searching on "". I just tried it again and it works
fine now, except sometimes the result page is just blank. *shrug*
The good results look a lot like PTS (the problem tracking
system based on Apache+PHP) at <>
(my bits for the day).

>megaSEARCH yielded 145 hits. Including a ref to CSS2 WD -- what are you doing

It references the URL standards.