OOPSLA Workshop on Modeling Dynamic/Emergent Distributed Object Systems

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:58:14 -0800

In case anyone on fork (and not on dist-obj) is interested in participating...

> From kiniry@cs.caltech.edu Wed Feb 11 18:33:23 1998
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Hi DO-ers,


I am helping organize a OOPSLA '98 Workshop on modeling
dynamic/emergent distributed systems. More specifically, we are
interested in researchers developing new approaches to describing and
building distributed object systems that are not static, are
unbounded, involve agent and/or mobile object technologies, etc.

We think that several folks on the list will be interested in
participating in this workshop. We'd like like to get your feedback so
we have some idea of what topics researchers/developers think are
important, how many folks think they'll want to submit position
papers, etc.

A similar workshop, organized by Arne-Jorgen Berre, Desmond D'Souza,
Antsnio Rito Silva, Sean O'Sullivan, took place at OOPSLA 1996. That
workshop focused on modeling distributed object systems. See


for more information on that workshop.

We currently have Antonio Rito Silva (from INESC) and Dirk Riehle
(from Ubilab), Mani Chandy (Caltech), Doug Lea (State University of
New York at Oswego), and myself interested in helping organize the
workshop. We are interested in knowing if you, or someone who
specializes in this area of research and development, is interested in
participating in or assisting in the organization of such a workshop.

Additionally, if you or a co-worker would only be interested in
participating in such a workshop, we'd love to hear from you.

About the current organizers:

o Antonio <rito.silva@inesc.pt> has performed research in distributed
systems and modeling for several years at the Technical University of
Lisbon. More information can be found via his home page at


o Dirk <dirk.riehle@ubs.com> is a member of the Software Engineering
group at Ubilab (The Union Bank of Switzerland's IT lab). More
information can be found via his home page at


o Mani <mani@cs.caltech.edu> is a Professor in, and the Chair of, the
Department of Computer Science at the California Institute of
Technology. He is "Mr. Infospheres". His home page is located at


o Doug <dl@altair.cs.oswego.edu> is a professor in the Computer
Science Department at the State University of New York at Oswego. He
is "that guy that wrote the Java concurrency book" and much, much
more. His home page can be found at


o Joe <kiniry@cs.caltech.edu> is a graduate student in computer
science in the Infospheres Group at the California Institute of
Technology. He has performed research in distributed systems and
object technology for several years. He works too much. More
information can be found via his home page at


A draft advance program is available at the URL


If you have any questions or comments, please email me and I'll make
sure the workshop committee receives the feedback.

Thanks so much!


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