There can only be one!

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:09:36 -0800

Well, in due respect to Highlander, I have found that, indeed,
in the battle of Tims across space and time, *there* *can* *only*
*be* *one*...

In this case we mourn the passing of Tim Byars,
a/k/a CobraBoy!, the #1 poster by volume on all of FoRK, only to
welcome the arrival of, er, um:

> Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:58:31 -0500
> To:
> From: Tim Berners-Lee
> Subject: FoRK list
> Rohit,
> I wonder whether I could apply for a subscription to FoRK, please?
> It's time I figured out what's happening round here...
> Tim

Sigh. At least reardon's subscription last month prepared me for the shock.
After two pints of English hard cider and a double of Jose Cuervo, I
even did the deed. The pressure, though, the pressure! I mean, that's why
CobraBoy sat back to watch the archives: FoRK's ever-changing character
has less and less semiotic analysis of Spice Girls lyrics and more web
standards analysis and Linux marketing.

For my part, I'm going to be beginning a new series, [BITS], according to
a resolution to whip off some sort of record of every technical paper I
read. Many of my ICS classes have this discipline, including a course on
Compatiblity Standards Jim Whitehead and I are taking from Phil Agre. Look
for [BITS] in the subject line.

In other news, welcome to Cho Seok Hyeon, from Samsung in Korea, and
to Sally Khudairi, a really great friend of mine from Boston (who just
happens to work for W3C). In fact, this brings the number of W3C
subscribers to 6, tied evenly with Microsoft!

Back to the sordid grind, documenting "the void which is Rohit's social


PS. In case anyone *is* wondering, I still draw the line at subscribing
my mother and my adviser (and Hal Abelson)