Re: My music notes, Feb 4, 1998.

Steve Nordquist (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 00:16:56 -0600

Joe Barrera wrote:

> In the orchestral realm, almost anything EXCEPT:
> 1. Aimless featureless romantic pieces suggestive of landscapes written
> by mediocre composers (I don't like Bax)

John Tesh, cheap composer extrordiaire, was killed today in a bloody clash with
the biler gang responsible for designing the popular 230-bit syntheseizer series
'letni.' Letni, in turn, was Jean-Michael Jarre's reason for giving up all
drink and the impetus for the
Armitage III album. (See Jukebox off please, if not
the movie.)

> 2. Heavy handed overly dramatic and gimmicky romantic composers (I
> don't like Berlioz)

Cheap composers are good, sometimes. I'm thinking: I couldn't write a 100MB
song,but if I could directly use MP3....

> 3. Pachabel's Canon :-) (Jeez, I just remembered that they used to play
> it on Sesame Street, while a dandelion blossomed. Gag)

Strong words in favor of censorship.

> I really like Stravinsky (his cleaner, neo-classical stuff, e.g. Soldier's
> Tale, Petrushka, etc.). I really like Shostakovich. I really like Schoenberg
> and Webern (but not Berg as much). I love string quartets from composers
> (e.g. Brahms) whose full orchestral stuff is a bit much.

I'd rather play with a frequency generator until I hallucinate, but if you need
that kindof thing, o-kay.