Re: There can only be one!

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 01:38:35 -0800

Adam Rifkin quoth:
> Dude, get off this "void which is Rohit's social life" thing.
> People see you as you see yourself. In order to be the legend,
> you have to act like the legend.

Hey! I find it charming...

I figure if I go two steps in direction X with the showoffish snobbish world
traveler attitude, and one step in the -X maudlin self deprecation direction,
do I end up looking like 1X of a jerk, or 3X?

Of course, as I recall, your theory is that 97% of FoRKees care not one whit
about my personal tribulations and immediately delete any missive from my
personal X-files. You might be right, but that doesn'; mean I have to like you
for it.

I belive I'm providing a cirtical entertainment service to the public at
large. Here's an exercise. If you do read the maudlin bits like my losy
personal ad from yesterday, send adam a mail. Let him tally the votes...

Besides, even without my Blackglama fur coat, I am what becomes a legend best.

Rohit "the legend in his own mind" Khare