Re: Tonight's Death Match: "Objective Heresy" vs. "Church of Objectology."

I Find Karma (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 02:55:57 -0800

> Come to the dark side Adam.

Actually, all of your points are valid ones. Darn.

I'd try to shoot holes in your argument, but I can't, because the
bottom line is : using objects is no substitute for good design,
and good design is orthogonal to use of objects.

Objects are no silver bullet. There is no empirical evidence that
they reduce the time and the cost to ship bug-free software.

That's not the dark side. That's telling it like it is.

So you're right, I'm not putting all my eggs into the object basket.
I'm putting my eggs into the "good design" basket, whatever that may
be. Thanks for your insightful (inciteful) post.