Throw Mama from the Brain

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:13:17 -0800

> Speaking of hate music, my guitar wants to kill your mama, too.

Speaking of mama...
My dad has MS (and has an MS in mechanical engineering too) and
was cracking RC5-64 codes fulltime for me on his PC. His power supply
went out on Monday or so I speculated after a phone call. His access to
the WWW is his whole life which he thought was over until I
replaced his aging IBS machine (very first IBM PC clone) with
something able to hook up to our school's dialup and run mosaic
circa Fall '93. I was worried I wouldn't have the time to
go take a look at his computer. My mom calls tonight; on her own
initiative, she went down to Fry's, bought a new case and power supply,
brought it home, and replaced the motherboard, wires, cables, and
peripherals from the old one into the new one. I'm so proud of her.
What a trooper.

Life goes on without me.

Greg 8-)