Re: Tonight's Death Match: "Objective Heresy" vs. "Church of Objectology."

David Crook (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:12:31 -0800

I Find Karma wrote:
> So you're right, I'm not putting all my eggs into the object basket.
> I'm putting my eggs into the "good design" basket, whatever that may
> be. Thanks for your insightful (inciteful) post.
> Adam


You just aren't getting it. This is supposed to be a religious flame
war. Just because I'm making good points doesn't mean that you have to
pay any attention to them. Thats boring. Here, try something like

"Programmers who don't follow object-oriented design are
baby-sacrificing devil worshippers."

If you are actually going to read the stuff I post rather then just
using it as a spring board for attacking me personally, the next thing
you know we would actually have a reasonable, civilized debate on the
subject. Could you imagine it, a thoughtful discussion over the
internet, on a mailing list no less. Gods, the sun will probably go
supernova or something.

Dave "I knew things were bad when Michael Jackson married that Presley
girl, and now this. Repent sinners, the end is at hand!" Crook