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Rohit Khare (rohit@bordeaux.ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 19:31:57 -0800

> I figured it was okay if you broke all the commandments in
> one post.
> Greg
> > Actually, Slap A Spice Girl was old bits, too. But we'll just chalk up yesterday
> > as a wierd day for fork all around.
> >
> > :-)
> > RK

Great, instead of Byars we have Bolcer, who is already the #2 poster by volume
nowadays :-)

To quote myself from the FaQ:

: The unwritten (until now) Eleventh Commandment is that Tim Byars shalt
: break at least one commandment with every post, 100% of the time, thereby
: breaking not only some commandment, but also the 97% rule, thereby
: disrupting the very fabric of the FoRK known universe. (Actually, he comes
: close to breaking all ten commandments with some posts, a feat unrivaled on
: FoRK. :)

Hmm. Kind of like some sort of high-energy particle physics: split a CobraBoy!
and there shalt be conservation of Tim and Boor... timber!

All in jest,
Rohit Khare