Re: Perfect 10

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 07:56:38 -0800

> What it comes down to is this: If I'm going to pay 6.95 for a mens
> mag, to fantasize or whatever, I want to see fantasy, not something I
> can see in my own bedroom, or for that matter on any Florida beach.
> Seven years of living by South Beach has left me jaded.
I have to disagree. Do you know how many amateur porno
sites are out there on the WWW? Somebody's got to be
interested in 'au natural'.

> I wish him success, but I doubt he'll make money.

I doubt he will though. From what I hear, there's a
porno glut. Publishing is a tough industry. If I were
doing something like that, I'd also have an online presence,
and it'd be really hard to distinguish yourself.