RE: Gosling's Infoworld interview [was: Re: Stroustrup's Infoworl

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 14:48:56 -0800

> I find it depressing that, as the guy behind Emacs,

*THE* guy? What about Stallman? I thought the history of Emacs went more

1. Stallman writes Emacs as Editor MACroS for TECO.
2. Gosling writes "Unix Emacs". I remember a sentence in the
introduction of the manual that went something like, "Calling this editor
'Emacs' is presumptuous and perhaps a bit dangerous."
3. Stallman writes GNU Emacs, borrowing some code (screen management?)
from Unix Emacs.

(basis in TECO, code borrowing)
<> (Stallman wrote the
TECO macros)