No EMACS thanks [was: Re: Gosling's Infoworld interview [was: Re:

Daniel Veillard (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:05:07 -0500

> 2. Emacs rocks and is the only way to write code;

He started ... everyone agree ? right !

Well for editing code I primarily use my head (no I'm not
Stephen Hawking ...) then use a text editor to type it in.
Vim (Vi Improved) is perfect for that, small clean and
instantaneous. Note, there is even a Windows version ;-)

Check the VI lover's page if you prefer another flavour.

They also have this marvelous "This site is VI powered" logo !

And repeat after me :

"To write code I use my head, and not a monkey's code generator"

Unless you got paid for monkey's code, but that's another story
and even vi is not needed :-)

Remember, he started ...

> - Joe (there can only be one, well, maybe three or four)

Daniel (I guess I'm the only one, there maybe some Dan though).