My Name is Phil Ozymangiapoli of Earth. Look upon my CD-RW and whatever.

Steve Nordquist (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:43:55 -0600

> And you're right; this all must be some attempt by NASA to recruit young
> minds into wanting to fit themselves in tight spaces for months at a time
> not so that they get ready for space flight but to be happy in the tiny
> little apartment

Don't you get Sailor Moon? Tight -outfits- (or outfit components). Not tight
organizations. Not small cockpits. This is why the W3C needs another militant
arm solely for the purpose of taking over the AIA (architects and structural
engineers' authority.) It's that or creeping segregation of the petites (i.e.
people who lack the gene that makes children taller than their parents in
successively less time) into buildings and furniture and bathroom finish that

Still, I like the lines that spacers (people genetically worked over for space
work) are supposed to have for ...well, here goes...

Oh yeah? Well you'd be pretty big in hard vacuum yourself. <-more than genes
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were a couch leg.
oog, too much to drink. My head feels 3-4' wider than usual.
Wow! When you crash here, you stay right where you are! What's that siren?
It was a rough delivery, but once the first 3 brain lobes were out we were fine.

How can you use the elevator with the car blocking the hatch?
Don't you ever get any sun here in Arizona?
I always wondered how they made the figures in the Acropolis so tiny....
It took you HOW long to walk from Sunnyvale to Lucas?
...<drop carrier>