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Rohit Khare (rohit@godzilla.ICS.uci.edu)
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:34:51 -0800

well, now there's a boomerang effect. About one in thrity of these totally
random FoRK invites seems to work -- 3%! I'm really glad to have you along
for the ride, L. (I'm going to have to keep calling you L. in honor of my
friend from NeXTstep days, M Carling -- and that's without a period. I
kept wanting him to shift from merrill lynch to X consortium in france --
so he could shorten it from m@ml.com to m@x.fr :-)

L, among a random scattering of other things, keeps a really spiffy chart
of all the currently known details on satellite voice and data constellations
(Iriduim, GlobalStar, Teledesic, ... tin-cans-in-orbit). But it's mainly
cool that he forwarded a note from Byte about how the C64 had instant-on
fifteen years ago when PC98 might just barely to geeks@monkey.org

And now the Wayne connection (anything like the Muppet Connection?). We
return you to yor regularly scheduled Incredible Shrinking Social Radius.

The answers are: no way!, way!, as if!, and

[Translated from the Valley-speak (San Fernando, that is): Rohit's ego
is willing to weigh-in against yours anytime -- what do you expect
from some one who's maintaining a mailing list archive for his
biographers' future ease and enjoyment? Second, you are ABSOLUTELY
right to hit on management, esp. discovery and composition as the real
challenges of component software. We know how to package this stuff,
and even market it, but haven't really advanced past UNIX pipes for
composition and I/O model. That's to say nothing of actually hoping
for decentralized management, where the objects/processes/ functions
can try to wire together a routing/distribution table themselves,
without onmipotent network gods. Third, yeah, findmail is joined to us
at the hip. Heck, I never even heard they had that misfeature. Fourth,
hey, all the book money aroud here still goes to the Tim Byars
(Memorial) Retirement Fund -- /forkrecommendedrA , dude! But if you
must try to move in on our gang's turf in the bit-space, contact
adam@cs.caltech.edu -- Head Amazon ]


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On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Rohit Khare wrote:

> Some of them have been reposted to my own mlist, FoRK, which
> you are invited to peruse. http://xent.ics.uci.edu/FoRK

Baisley first mentioned FoRK to me a year ago; apparently your ego's
almost the same size as mine.

Anyway, if that's an invite to join, please consider this a response.

Answers to 68: a. There is no difference, other than religious. Whether
the device and its programmers think they're using
objects or filetypes should be irrelevant to the
b. Neither stance details how to do network management,
which is the real problem. SNMP is very lightweight,
CORBA and the OSI model can't be considered as
implementations, DCOM makes .asp look like a
credible and robust technology; Xanadu makes CORBA
look straightforward to implement Real Soon Now.
Management of distributed objects is a thorny issue
I'm not qualified to comment on in detail, thank

Are you the guys responsible for Findmail insisting on interpreting US
telephone numbers as ISBN numbers? Details on how to get money out of
Amazon like that appreciated, since I'm getting into the habit
of plugging books that plug me.


not stretching to RSVP jokes.