data, objects, documents, code, etc

Patrick Logan (
Tue, 17 Feb 98 12:51 PST

Whether one is distinguishing between data and code by saying
that "Code is expensive and data is ephemeral" or "... as platform
half-lives collaps, externalized data lasts longer and longer by
comparison", it's still a distinction between code and data.
And this distinction is false.

Ideally, I agree. The lack of a distinction is the
asymptote. Right now today, the distinction is a reality that has many
context dependent issues. Today's "state vs. behavior" debate is
a different debate from what another system may be like. There are
good reasons to be involved in both debates.

In other words, we are going to have to cut things much much
finer than "object", "data", or "code" in order to get at anything
useful, here.

It's not easy leaving Plato behind. What does "Maturana-gol" look
like, after all? ;^/

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