Re: Who's on FoRK. (Removing redundancies from dist-obj-nofork@cs)

spunkanado (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:13:39 -0500 (EST)

While I do like to keep the fork side fork and the d-o side d-oed i will
say that some interlist chatter, such as this, is not in and of itself a
bad thing. IDIC and all that.

D-o has always been , from what I have read of it, able to police the
occasional jihad, sparkwar (nothing realy flames expect when the objs and
the nonobs get all bent outa shape about the exacting breakdown of the new
markting hype) and once off penis longation threads.

I can always hoover new info from most any post, which is , after all,
what we are here for. Mostly.

All of which is to say..keep those cards and letters comming.

"HR Puffinstuff, you cant get a little if you cant get enough"