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> Be warned, its an old dos program, but seeing as how even linux has a dos
> emu I am throwing it up as xplatorm.

The truth comes out - DOS, not Java, is the true write-once run-everywhere

I know of DOS emulators for many flavors of Unix. DOS emulation existed for
Mach. OS/2 and NT of course provide DOS emulation. There must be DOS
emulation for the Mac, right?

The most recent (and most bizarre) DOS emulation package I've heard of just
came to my attention today: DOS on Windows CE:

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The XTCE software (XT emulator for WinCE) is due out by the end of March.
It is mostly complete according to the author's posts to a CE mailing list
but some finishing touches and distribution details need worked out.

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> >> Tell him to wait for the impending DOS emulator that some guy in
>England is developing.
>>Wow, I'm impressed... AltaVista soon pointed me to >>
<> ... Not available yet (as far
as I can tell), but there are some neat screen shots there...
* Joe