Four categories of emailing people.

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Wed, 18 Feb 1998 01:32:42 -0800

Nice to know that all mailing lists go through the problem of dealing
with four types of people emailing to them:

1. Whiners. The ones who only post when they want to complain.

2. Reply-to-all challenged. The ones who post a single sentence of
noncommentary, anti-clue, or anti-bits, and feel the need to tell
EVERYONE about it.

3. Cooler-than-thou. The ones who don't bother to explain what
they're talking about, or even give context, since they are too cool for

4. The rest of us.

So this forward is from the "Friends of Sangeeta" list -- which I've
noticed you got off of, Rohit. Once again, we reaffirm my hypothesis
about your so-called life.

> From Tue Feb 17 20:13:32 1998
> To:,,,
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> Subject: in a word...
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
> some of you have received this already.... i decided to send it to the full
> list instead of just the happy oscar folks... sorry for the duplication.
> ok for the last few weeks i've idly sat by and watched the comings and
> goings of this little cluster of sangeeta's friends. (yes i like to
> watch... sort of like chance the gardner aka chauncey gardner from the
> book and film "being there"). i've come to the not so startling
> conclusion that you're all slightly mad... and not just because you're
> pals with the lovely ms. s.
> the first group of you are the 'asinine whiners of anal retentive
> email' (AWARE). this is a slightly different group than the knights
> that say ni. all of the AWARE folks have since been removed from this
> list so they're no longer around to read this. no need to ramble
> endlessly about them. all that really needs to be said is, that this
> is email folks... not fucking brain surgery. if you can't hit the
> delete or ignore button then you truly need help in this lifetime. do
> you whine to the hotmail XXX and the fake virus warning email people
> the way you carry on to sangeeta?? this girl tried to do something
> nice and now you make her out to be the bane of your existence. try
> the decaf latte' next time.... and lighten up.
> the second group is the 'reply to all challenged'. these people have a
> slight disability and i know it's not polite to make fun of
> them... but i'm going to hell anyway so why not speed up the
> process. contrary to popular belief not everything that comes out of
> your mind and through a keyboard is of interest to everyone on this
> list. i know this comes as a great shock to some of you so i'll pause
> for a moment and let you gather yourself... (all better?? ok.... i'll
> continue). it wouldn't exactly kill some of you to reply to the
> person in question instead of all 10 or 20 of us. yes i understand
> that this requires addressing a new email. i also understand that this
> could take an extra 10-15 seconds to do. just try it once or twice
> instead of the pavlov reaction of hitting the 'reply to all
> button'. if this doesn't work then we'll have to simply attach a
> 50,000 volt charge to your reply to all button. after hitting this a
> few times you'll be ready for the 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest'
> extras reunion. thinking before writing is never a dangerous
> thing... try it some time. (also you don't have to copy everything the
> previous person posted in order to respond to it. it's painful enough
> reading most of this stuff the first time.)
> the third group is the 'hipper than thou' group. you're the same
> people that we could never hang out with in high school because we
> weren't cool enough. nobody here is questioning your knowledge of
> movies, music or olympic skater history. remember opinions are like
> a**holes - everyone has one. to watch you dust off your soapbox and
> pontificate about how long you've been a fan of someone everytime a
> name is mentioned is really quite amusing. who cares if someone just
> jumped on the dicaprio bandwagon? that's part of the joy of being a
> fan... the journey of self-discovery. finding someone new and then
> going back and immersing yourself in their past work. just because
> someone doesn't know his complete filmography doesn't make them any
> more or less of a fan than you are.... just different. if you look at
> this attitude then you would deny sangeeta of being a beatles fan
> because she wasn't at the indra club in hamburg. (ok i know that's
> extreme but it fits)... the fourth group is really just having
> fun. they never fail to entertain and i look forward to what they have
> to say next. where do you fit in??
> ok i'm done now... and i feel so much better for it. address all hate
> mail and snide comments to sangeeta. she's handling my fan club from
> here on out.
> jim
> p.s. in all seriousness..... we should all thank her for dealing with
> our nonsense and maintaining this form of insanity.


The problem of inviting comments is that you might actually get them.
The beauty of getting comments is that you can ignore them.
-- Dr. K. Rustan M. Leino, 1995