Responses to "Data, The Reverse Salient"

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 02:43:28 -0800

First, it should be clear to all involved that the ideas we discuss are truly
common to me and adam. We work together. Well, more like I think, he drafts, I
tear apart, I rewrite, he edits. But forget all those messy details. We stand
behind each other's pronouncements. Sorry, Dave, you're going to have to be
annoyed at me, too :-)

Second, we'll reply to this in two messages. The first concerns the Web as a
distributed object system, the second on the separation of data from behavior.

Third, I want to disclaim that Adam had 97% of these replies written hours and
hours ago, but I was the bottleneck. Some of us still have pesky classes
getting in the way of our education. (a PS to dist-obj'ers: one of the classes
in particular is the theory and practice of IT standards, a spectacular
proseminar summarized in [BITS] on FoRK;
.html -- that's where reverse salients came from )

Stay tuned,
Rohit Khare
(Adam Rifkin)