Re: Separating Code and Data

Simon North (north@Synopsys.COM)
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:35:42 +0001

At the risk of devaluing the currency, I really have to interject my
2 cents here.

> > Both data and code are fossilized behavior. One cannot
> > specify behavior in a static medium any more than one can
> > identify data in a dynamic medium.

I beg to differ here. While XML and SGML are primarily oriented
towards static data, HyTime is not. The basic premise in HyTime is
that if you can address it, you can identify it. Using HyTime there
is no reason why you cannot identify data in a dynamic medium. It is
perfectly feasible to identify segments of a sound fragment, frames
of a video or the results of computations.

HyTime rules!

Simon North.