Re: Nyah! The Web *is too* an object system!

David Crook (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 11:26:18 -0800

Hey! No fair, first its two people against one and then you have to go
and provide references and actual data to back up your arguments. You
may consider me properly bitch-slapped into submission until I have time
to go through all your linked info. A mailing list with homework, what
will they think of next.

But even in retreat I will pose a question. Perhaps this is more a
question of perspective than definition? Maybe you see the HTTPD Server
object responding to requests from browser objects while I just see a
web server downloading spice girl web pages. Exactly what things in
your universe aren't objects?

BTW - I've received a few comments stating "Boy you sure flammed Adam"
so I looked back at my original post. It was harher than what I meant.
Specifically the phrase "You are ANNOYING" I should have written it as
"You are ANNOYING them". I wasn't trying to imply that you Adam are
annoying in general, just in this specific case.

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