Re: FoRK Amazon fund up to $86.

John Boyer (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:18:53 -0600

At 01:10 PM 2/18/98 -0800, Karmaboy wrote:
>Wow, the FoRK Amazon fund from proceeds of
>keeps growing. With the $55 we made last quarter, and the $31 below,
>we're rapidly approaching the $100 mark. Clearly this is more money
>than should be squandered on the Timothy Byars Retirement Fund
>[ESPECIALLY since he has foresaken us by unsubbing the list -- and if he
>joins now, he goes to the "back of the line" as joebar has said].

Since Tim's not around I guess it's up to me to highlight this site
It's got some great little historical tidbits like ...
Thomas Edison's 'dirty' movies,
Guillotine testing,
The Pope and Cocaine

The purpose of the site is to sell the book AN UNDERGROUND EDUCATION

My copy is on the way :-)

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