Irvine in the news twice this week!

Peyman Oreizy (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:46:07 -0800

Which brings me to another difficult question: When is it a good time to
move to South Dakota? I hear rumors that Gateway is thinking about moving
out of the state and expanding its operation in Irvine, Calif., where it now
has a toe-hold through its acquisition of Advanced Logic Research.
Word on the street is Gateway is having a devil of a time recruiting people
to work in South Dakota, although I can't think why. If the company did move
to Irvine, Gateway would have to take the cows off its PC boxes and replace
them with a powerful symbol of Irvine's character and cultural identity,
like, uh, featureless suburbia.

And from Edupage:

A U.S. federal jury convicted a former University of California at Irvine
student, Richard Machado, of a civil rights violation for sending
threatening e-mail to 59 Asian students, the first conviction for hate mail
sent in cyberspace. The government said the conviction will have an impact
across the United States because it establishes legal standards for conduct
on the Internet. (Hamilton Spectator 16 Feb 98)