Re: It's not often you get a guarantee AND an umbrella [Slate]

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 10:53:30 -0500

Rohit Khare wrote:
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> YOU'RE INVITED to join SLATE (tm) as a Charter Member -- RISK-FREE!
> * guarantee your low $19.95 rate for life...

I got the same thing, and for some reason, it really annoyed me. I buy
a TV, I pay for cable, I put up with adverts, but I won't pay extra to
subscribe to Seinfeld or Friends. I buy a computer, I pay for internet
access, I'll be damned if I pay $20/year to have someone email me a
re-hash of todays newspaper headlines. I already get the news emailed
to me from Infobeat (former Mercury news), a
terrific morning news service. Todays papers was a nice service, I'll
miss it (for a day), but it, and Slate in general, is not something I
can't find elsewhere, gratis, on the net.

Any bets on how long before Slate goes back to being free? I give it 3

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