Adam Rifkin Egosurfing on a Friday night.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 05:37:52 -0800

Now that the Olympic tension is over -- Tara Lipinski has the gold and
Michelle Kwan the silver -- I can focus on my writing again.

Let's see. Ron trolled in

among other things that I should just write Erich Gamma directly,
assuming I hadn't. Honestly, Ron, do you think I would have gone
through all that Websurfing without first asking directly what he's up
to? I have discovered more and more that "A" players are too busy to
respond to honest requests for information via email, let alone trolls
via email. My general rule for emailing "A" players is this: never
bother an "A" player for information that can be found on the Web, and
never "flip the bozo bit" when talking with an "A" player by revealing
your ignorance of his or her work.

So rather than spend the next few hours answering the other trolls in
the above email -- or spending a few hours answering a different troll
summarizing the HTTP-NG project that is browsable both off the W3C pages
and off the Xerox PARC pages -- I figure my time would be better spent
doing a little egosurfing. But first, some context.

Adam Rifkin the director called me again this morning at 11am, but I was
sleeping because I'd been up till 8am. For those of you who haven't
been on FoRK long enough to know who Adam Rifkin the director is, check
out his filmography:,+Adam

> Adam Rifkin
> Sometimes Credited As: Rif Coogan
> Director filmography
> 1. Denial (1998)
> 2. Chase, The (1994)
> 3. Psycho Cop Returns (1993) (as Rif Coogan) ... aka Psycho Cop 2 (1993)
> 4. Nutt House, The (1992) ... aka Nutty Nut, The (1992)
> 5. Dark Backward, The (1991)
> 6. Invisible Maniac, The (1990) (as Rif Coogan)
> 7. Tale of Two Sisters (1989)
> 8. Never on Tuesday (1988)
> Writer filmography
> 1. Jumanji 2 (1999)
> 2. Denial (1998)
> 3. Small Soldiers (1998)
> 4. Mouse Hunt (1997)
> 5. Chase, The (1994)
> 6. Dark Backward, The (1991)
> 7. Invisible Maniac, The (1990) (as Rif Coogan) (also story)
> Actor filmography
> 1. Denial, The (1998)
> 2. Bikini Squad (1993) (as Rif Coogan)
> 3. Psycho Cop Returns (1993) .... Man with Video Camera
> ... aka Psycho Cop 2 (1993)
> 4. Dark Backward, The (1991) .... Rufus Bing
> 5. Disturbed (1990) .... Gaary

For the details of his first phone call to me (10/16/96), please see

For the details of his second phone call to me (11/20/97) which resulted
in my seeing his new movie "The Denial" at a special screening, see

His third phone call to me was 11/21/97, in which he told me to watch
for Mouse Hunt, which to date is Dreamworks SKG's top-grossing movie.
I loved Mouse Hunt.

So this morning 2/20/98 was his fourth phone call to me. He says he
would not object to having dinner with Michelle and I sometime. He also
told me to look for the article on him called "The New Big Cheese" in
the March 1998 Details magazine, pages 196-199, by Michael Angeli.

Naturally, I have a Details subscription, so I had not only read
Angeli's flattering article of Adam Rifkin, but I also read a treatment
(with photoshoot) written by Adam Rifkin, also in the March 1998
Details, entitled "The Accidental Killer" (pages 164-195).

Unfortunately, the closest thing to online versions of these fine pieces
of work is the table of contents for the March 1998 Details:

I really wanted to include the text of the article here, but I don't
feel like typing it in. So to appease the Adam Rifkin in me, I decided
to hop over to Altavista and do a little egosurfing with the query

+"Adam Rifkin"

and I got back 776 hits of one of us Adam Rifkins that neither appears
on XeNT or at Caltech. I list some of them below.

1. Systor-CHOOSE event with Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin - "XML for
Software Construction":

2. A Mirror of My Activism Page in Italy:

3. An Australia link to my "movie links" page:

4. E! Online's Fact Sheet for the REAL Adam Rifkin,12,41641,00.html

5. A Mirror of "X Marks the Spot" at Robin Cover's XML Emporium:

and so on and so on and so on. Let's see if we can find a couple of
interesting ones...

7. Cetus Links - one of many Cetus Link mirrors

16. CSA Position Papers - not one, but two

34. Reference in a Nelson Minar paper - you know you've made it when an
MIT Media Lab project references you

35. fwf-tech post in July 1995 announcing NCSA Mosaic 2.0 - hey Gordon,
what happened to all the foghead posts on ?

56. DBLP Bibliography list of publications - painful that they only
include the IEEE Internet Computing ones...

62. Bob Allison mirror - where have you gone, Bob Allison, I miss you!

67. Internet Sites for Educators - dang this page has a lotta links

70. MenTally Sample -- fascinating, they've procured a dozen quotes from
MsgList and attributed me for them

81. Talk about egostroking...

> Adam Rifkin's Home Page - You have GOT to see this! Adam Rifkin has
> the most incredibly useful list of links to internet sites I have
> found. You'll find everything from humor to research sites. The
> Caltech server is a bit slow during the day, but if you want to find
> sites you might never be aware are out there, I urge you to check out
> Adam's Home Page.