Re: Internet Computing Interview with Robert Cailliau.

David Crook (
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 17:11:48 -0800

Ron Resnick wrote:
> Oh, and transport level issues *DO* matter. A lot. And you know so.
> So nyah. Don't let Rohit go putting easily refutable words
> in your mouth- it doesn't make you look good.

Ok kids, heres a quick exercise for people that think transport level
issues are irrelevant. Just reach behind your computer and unplug your
network connection / modem. Ok, now go ahead and refute the transport
level issue to your hearts content. :-)

> > But the Web certainly made the US sit up and take notice.
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> Yeah, cuz Andreeeeeesen invented the web ;-). (Just to rile y'all).

I thought Microsoft invented it. (Ron, if you are going to rile people,
go for the jugular :-) )

> > So it was integral. And it displayed GIF?
> >
> > No. It did not display bitmaps, bitmaps aren't scalable, right? You
> > can't do anything with them. They're nonsensical. Bitmaps are not
> > graphics; they're the display result of graphics. You can't express
> > graphics in dots, and a bitmap does not have a metric. It has no
> > meaning.
> >
> Heh. In short, a bitmap is lowgrade bits. Dumb. No self-knowledge.
> TIFF. Fax. - ugh. Can we web guys and object guys agree on one thing -
> that the world would be better off by smashing its fax machines?
> What a waste of "digital" technology.

Whoa, I thought that the internet was going nowhere until browsers got
animating gifs. Especially that cool one with the hand that looks like
its bursting thorugh the web page.

> > Right. So this young employee is a Unix wizard, and he keeps all
> > these things together, and at night he does extracurricular things,
> > like with the Web--so let him do it. But it's not in the
> > contract. There is, however, no way to reconcile our current
> > civilisation with the so-called credo of the Internet: "We don't
> > beleive in kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rough
> > consensus and running code." That credo is fine if you also grow
> > your own potatoes and bake your own pizza. Then it's okay, and I
> > can live with it.
> >
> Yeah, well the "internet crowd" will barter their bits for potatoes,
> and then we'll have our anarchist economy, minus kings
> and presidents :-). So seriously, what is the exchange rate
> for kudos-potatoes? Have you guys thought at all about efficient
> bit/atom currency exchange?

Actually its the quality of the bits that count. For the current rates
check the employment section of your local paper for current rates. C++
bits seem to be popular now.

> I've been thinking about that one a lot. Even if you take out
> the central banks by collapsing their ability to generate tax revenue
> etc, that still leaves hard problems of getting potatoes in your tummy,
> when all you have is a FoRK archive in payment.

This is the very reason that I always say you can never go wrong stock
piling canned goods and shotguns. As for the trading bits for potatoes
and pizza, its sound like my life now.

Dave "Bartering bits for potatoes and pizza" Crook