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Rohit Khare (
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 19:24:23 -0800

Richard has been a longtime coordinator of the Entrepreneur club at MIT
and general energetic fairy godmorther to many MIT venturers ...


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Subject: sem095 browsings & readings ...
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 13:49:11 EST
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seminar readings reminder:

there are no required texts to purchase
for seminars 095 and 089, but there's
a growing number of papers now on-line,
many of which have been authored by
mit faculty, staff and alum who visit
with us each term ...

in part preparation for their visits this
spring please browse the following sites
and have a look at the papers included ...

the mit technology licensing office (the t.l.o.)
papers by lori pressman, mit physics '79, ee columbia, etc ...
the tlo's `guide to the ownership, distribution and
commerical development of mit technology ...

the mit intellectual property office (ip)
have a look especially at the links from this site ...

the mit entrepreneurship center (the e-center)

on this tuesday we'll pick up where we left off with in-depth
introductions; discuss your (imaginary, possible) start-ups'
`ideal' team and its creation, and how the team might stay together;
and we should have a visit from first in a series of venture people
this term...

more later,

- r

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