Yanqui API no! Robert Cailliau, cable magnate (baff baff)

Steve Nordquist (signa@tfs.net)
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 00:24:24 -0600

Ron Resnick wrote:

> Thx for these "history lessons" Adam - I'm having fun reading
> them :).

This is why I need the Akira and Escaflowne ST in a MP3 that can beplayed
backward. Johan Alpmar isn't as free now....

FAX is a truly great format! How Dare you! I think that they should be mass-
produced because every household should have a shuttle that can burn holes
paper according to a serial stream. It's like having borrowing the protocol
at the corner gas station.... The fire hazard's there, the ozone's there, a
nonconducting cleaning fluid called 'Stoli'; all the comforts, of home to go.

> was it cross platform interpretive? Abstracting (masking) subtle
> differences between machine architectures?

Yes, but it ran on Atari Jaguars as well as T-400s, and the CIA had not yet
engineeredthe virus that made chipheads lust after anything that moved like an

> Basically that its a lot easier to turn smart bits into dumb bits,
> than the other way around.

Smart GCA Union (!) bits were overloaded with (conversion) operators until they
all died out. Cost hiding, fee encapsulation and portability, data
footprint...all gone into mystery tags and Borland preprrocessing macros.

> > It captures the URL for you?

And this! Somewhere, there is a career-oriented person memorizing DNS tables;
perhapsone of the indio waiters whose postgraduate degree in Lobsterology kept
her a waiter
into '97.

>How do indentations in C code make it compilable or not?

It was a while after K&R Ratfor, wasn't it?

> my present instinct is that inlined images are good

...i consistently forget why I would want to have late binding for an image.
Oh yeah. It went with the bitmap argument. It doesn't sound hard to preserve,
but some people loooove to remove more whitespace than there is, possibly
including the gnome inside Win95.

> . The human visual field is always going to be a limiting factor

Not with that parallel port dongle.... "Can't you keep the thread up,
wimpo?"Sorry, actually I wanted to go on and on about how 97% of people should
simply be able to
open a Pepsi can, listen for the "XML" chime and shout their order for pizza
into the can.
The enchilada is wrapped according to the idea that the can will speak creative
once it is satisfied with the order, and a pizza appear.

Then, the pressed and ubiquitous trained waiters will wrap the user in long
sheets of cellophane...